grain, allowed to get wet, sprout and then toasted is the start to creating a great beer.  Cracked, bathed in hot water - then the sweet liquid is boiled with hops, cooled.  Add yeast wait a few days, chilled, gassed and served - and there you are.  A simple process makes the best of simple times.  Cold, handmade beer.        Not complicated.

Just as life shouldn't be.




1 block south east of Burnside & Broadway on Ankeny alley

Improve your evening 

711 s.w. ankeny st. portland  

​    downtown Portland's oldest micro-brewery

Monday - 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday -4pm - midnight

Wednesday 4pm - midnight

Thursday -4pm - 1am

Friday -4pm - 1am

Saturday -5pm - 1am​​